Making Headway

I have almost finished the foundation layer for the app I am calling Assetpit (I dont why, roll with it) Assetpit is an intranet framework (huh? i'll explain) Basically if your company/dev team/school/etc. wants an intranet but needs more than just a static HTML page with some text and links, then deploying Assetpit is for you.

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I love automation, because well i'm lazy, but machine bootstrapping is a huge issue for some companies (in my expierence) because we all want everyone to have the same softwares and versions and everything else so everything is compatible.

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Hitting the wall

I need an idea, something to do, I need my own little spark of inspriration. I am currently thinking maybe a eCommerce platform on something like node, or go, or even a system utility. I don't know im at a loss however I am sure something will come to me soon.

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